World Plumbing Conference

11-13 September 2019

Melbourne Convention Centre, Level 1

The triennial World Plumbing Conference offers a unique opportunity for the global plumbing community to come together for knowledge sharing, networking and professional development.

Past conferences have been held in South Africa (2016), New Delhi (2013) and Edinburgh (2011) and we are thrilled to welcome delegates to Melbourne, Australia, for the 12th World Plumbing Conference in September 2019, focusing on the Four Pillars of Plumbing.

The conference is brought to you by the World Plumbing Council (WPC) as part of our commitment to achieving the best possible plumbing for the world through growth and development of the world’s plumbing industries.

The conference offers opportunities to share knowledge and expertise without borders and at each conference we are inspired to see the spread of ideas back across the world.   It is for participants and decision makers at all levels of industry.

We are confident that the Melbourne conference will offer remarkable opportunities to you and your organisation and that at the conclusion of the event we will see a revitalised and inspired global plumbing community that is equipped to improve their domestic industries around our four pillars of plumbing.

We look forward to welcoming you to Melbourne!

World Plumbing Conference is a global event with confirmed delegates coming from all over the world

Explore the delegate map below to view delegates cities of origin.

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